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I create heart-warming pictures in Hida Takayama, the hometown of my heart. Please come to Takayama.

Norihito YOSHIMOTO is an artist who depicts colorful and rich natural scenes and long established customs of Hida Takayama using the traditional art form of kirie (decorative paper cutting). With his style of pure, unique and modern Japanese taste, he has created pieces of kirie art which coincide with the current daily life of Japan. (source: Mitsukoshi Living)

Workshop Gallery
Yoshimoto Norihito
Yoshimoto Norihito
1949/Born in Toyama City in Toyama Prefecture. Moved to Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture in 1964.
1973/Began doing kirie (decorative paper cutting).
1974/Began sales of kirie from home in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.
1975/Began holding private exhibitions in large cities such as Takayama, Nagoya, Toyama, Kamakura and Kyoto (until 2011).
1978/Won a prize in the 10th National kirie & Kirigami Competition (met Jiro Takidaira, a well-known kirie artist). Also won a prize in the 11th and 12th years of the same competition. Submitted artwork for the First and Second Japan kirie Art Exhibitions [sponsored by the Association of Japanese kirie and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum].
1981/Created inserts for Hida Hyakkei (written by Yukio Odori), a series published in Takayama Shiminjiho (a local newspaper for Takayama residents).
1984/Hida Hyakkei was published by Takayama Shiminjiho.
1989/Featured in Hito/Sonosekai, a program on NHK Television.
2002/Submitted artwork for the Oribe Craft Exhibition, a prefectural project of Gifu, in New York, Cologne and Tokyo until 2004.
2004/Began sales of artwork in department stores such as Mitsukoshi (Nihonbashi’s main store), Takashimaya (Osaka & Yokohama) and Matsuzakaya (Nagoya).
2008/Began a private exhibition at Takashimaya Department Store (Yokohama) each year until 2011.
2012/Began a private exhibition at Matsuzakaya Department Store (Nagoya) each year.
2014/Had a private exhibition at Denver’s Central Library (Colorado) [a Takayama and Denver joint support project].
2015/Held a private exhibition at Hida Takayama Machino Hakubutsukan (Takayama Museum of History and Art) [sponsored by Takayama City].   Sent artwork“Reiya 21-2”to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis with the support and recommendation of the Mayor of Takayama.
2016/Began creating inserts for quarterly magazine “Hitori, Futari…” (published by Hozokan) (until 2017). Decided to limit sales of artwork to own gallery and Matsuzakaya Department Store’s Nagoya Branch.  
Created numerous Hida Takayama tourism posters, book-cover designs and
inserts for books published by Takayama City. 

Gifu Prefecture,

Takayama City,

Honmachi 2-52-3, 506-0011

Tel/Fax : 0577-32-0587

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